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Hello UV Index: A guide to the UV Index

SPF is an everyday affair, we all know that. But, there are some days where ‘one and done’ won’t be enough, and a little (lotta) extra SPF will be your best friend. How to know when those days are here? Cue the UV Index. 

Should I be wearing SPF indoors?

If we’ve caught you in between zoom meetings or just before your milk has finished frothing for your coffee, the short answer is: YES. If you’ve got some extra time to spare, stick around for a more in depth answer…

The Big SPF Debate: Mineral or Synthetic

You know it, we know it, everyone knows it now (and if they don’t, tell them to follow us and they’ll know it too); wearing skin protection every day is an absolute must. There’s no excuse anymore with the amount of options you have at your fingertips. The difficulty lies...

Pollution Proof Your Face: Anti Pollution Product 101

Whether you’re in the big city or living your rural dream, you still need to be providing your skin with environmental protection. Pollution particles are so tiny that they can travel through the atmosphere and reach you just about anywhere so make sure you’ve got your skin covered!

Hello Recycling: How to Recycle your Hello Sunday Empties

At the moment we’re sitting pretty at 93.3% recyclable products but by the end of next year we should be sitting even prettier at 100%! Help us by recycling as much as you can, find out how here. 

Everything you need to know about Vitamin D and the Sunscreen

When it comes to vitamin D, there are quite a few misconceptions about where you get it from, how much you need and if sunscreen blocks the amount you receive. We want to make sure you know everything you need when it comes to vitamin D because sometimes it is...

It’s All About the Layers: How to Layer Your SPF Products

Layering your SPF can sometimes sound like a bit of an equation: SPF50 + SPF30 = SPF80? Do you need multiple sunscreen products at once? Is one enough? Can I layer chemical and mineral products? All in all, we have a lot of ground to cover…

How to trick your man into wearing SPF

As with everything when it comes to men - it takes time. SPF is no different, but  we’ve compiled a couple of tips and tricks to get the men in your life into a better SPF routine or just an SPF routine full stop. 

Your SPF Cheat Sheet: Your Quick Guide to All Things Suncare

We’re all familiar with those three letters: SPF (sun protection factor). But the world of suncare has more letters and numbers than you may be able to keep track of…  We’ve put together a little cheat sheet that should help you understand a little bit more, a starting off point...

Keeping it Reef Friendly: All You Need to Know About Reef Friendly Suncare

We’re talking all things reef friendly suncare and covering any questions you may have because just like everything, all it takes is a bit of breaking down and it’s quite simple. Let’s jump into it shall we?

The History of Sunscreen

PSA: This is not your average history lesson. There will be no falling asleep (especially not under the sun) or notes passed in this class (unless they include how much you love Hello Sunday).

3 Reasons to Start Taking Sunglasses Seriously

Sunglasses are a timeless fashion trend that come in all shapes and sizes, but on top of that they are actually crucial to protecting your eyes from the sun. If you’re here you definitely take sun protection seriously when it comes to your skin, but let’s take that even further and...

Pollution is a huge environmental topic, but what impact is it having on our skin?

So you’ve heard about how UVA/UVB rays and blue light can harm your skin but did you know pollution is another environmental aggressor known to cause damage to the skin barrier?

Blue Light Protection: How to Screen-Proof Your Skin

Blue light is one of the colours from the visible light spectrum and is also known as HEV (high-energy visible) light emitted not only from the sun but from digital devices but what can we do to prevent it.

Rain or Shine. SPF daily

Premature ageing, redness, wrinkles, just some of the reasons why it’s important to wear SPF every day! There is a common misconception that SPF is only needed in the summer months or when you are going on holiday, however most skin damage happens in daily life (even on a cloudy...