How to trick your man into wearing SPF

How to trick your man into wearing SPF

Let’s get real, men (not all men, but a good amount of men) just don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to skincare, especially sunscreen. Not only do they not know, but they are the hardest to convince. Skincare for men is mostly reactive instead of preventative. It takes them waking up one day and looking in the mirror to realize they are no longer 22 going on 17 but instead 30 going on 45 to be like ‘Hey, I should probably get a moisturiser and get this sorted’. But if there’s anything you need to convince them of it’s SPF, trust us! Then, once that is secure, you get them into a full blown skincare regime, maybe a weekly masking session, a facial… Sorry, we’re getting a bit carried away, let’s start at the beginning: SPF.

As with everything when it comes to men - it takes time. SPF is no different, but  we’ve compiled a couple of tips and tricks to get the men in your life into a better SPF routine or just an SPF routine full stop. 


Check yourself first

Before you start bringing other people into your SPF love affair, make sure you have got your own sunscreen routine down to a T. We’re talking application method perfection, re-application mastered and cool looking products (you’re welcome!), these will make the next few steps easier.


The ooos and ahhhhs

This stage is crucial. As you apply your SPF, you want to turn up the dramatics. With the serum ‘Ooooooh this feels so incredible’, the primer ‘aaaaaaah my skin has never felt so soft before’, the moisturiser ‘Wooooah, this is so moisturising. My skin has never felt this moisturised before’. You get the drift. It has to be over the top. If you want extra brownie points a little ‘I can’t wait to do this in two hours again, it feels INCREDIBLE’. 



This west end type performance isn’t a one night only type of sitch. You’ll probably have to perform a couple of encores before you get the ‘Can I try some?’. Men don’t like feeling left out, so you want to make sure the FOMO is real. 


The why

Men are all about the ‘why’. You have to mention just how much of a difference it makes: it’s hydrating, there will be no premature ageing for you anytime soon, you won’t get any blue light damage from your laptop screen, it’s an all around win win situation. Make sure they know it makes no sense for them to NOT wear SPF. Same goes for product suggestions. Introduce them to one product first, we don’t want to overwhelm them. We’d suggest either the primer or the face moisturisers (either SPF 30 or 50). And when they ask why, you tell them in a way that will feel relevant for them. The primer is great for workouts because it is sweat resistant so will stay on, it’s also invisible so our bearded fellas won’t be able to question getting product all over their beards, the face moisturiser will make their skin look more alive, the serum is super lightweight and takes two seconds to put on.


Drop by drop

Once you’ve got them intrigued, they probably won’t buy their own just yet but they’ll be the ones performing a west end show of their own as Oliver Twist saying ‘Please sir, can I have some more?’ And you say YES! This will probably happen a couple of times before you give them their own bottle.


The compliments

This is going to seal the deal ladies: the compliments. Hit them with the ‘your skin looks so good today’, ‘I can’t get over how nice your skin looks these days, that SPF is doing wonders for you!’. This will have them re-applying more than just every two hours if they’ve got a guaranteed compliment coming. Before you know it, they’ll have their own little SPF routine going.

If you’re looking for a quick fix though, as in, the man in question is not budging anytime soon, you’ve got to get physical. Next time you’re applying the one for your lips, apply a little extra and go in for a kiss. Leave some on theirs. Same goes for the one for your hands, add on a little more on and put your hand on top of theirs then go into holding the hand, they’ll think you’re being sweet but you’ve only got one thing on your mind… SPF! Then when it comes to body, offer up a shoulder massage. Put some of the essential one on without them looking and rub it all over their shoulders, down their arms, across their chest. Without them even knowing, they will be SPF protected.

So to recap: sort your routine out, oooh and ahhh over every SPF that goes on your face, keep the show going until they ask to try, break down why it’s so good for them, encourage them to try it out and shower them with compliments!