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How we started

Hello Sunday is the brainchild of a collective of creative specialists and beauty formulation experts. With a mutual vision to change the way we wear and perceive SPF for the better, our team set about creating a brand that was as stylish as it was efficacious.

Having travelled around the world with many residing in sunny (and rainy!) climes, our team joined forces to pool product-based and beauty brand experience to develop a product line up that slotted easily into each and every one of our lifestyles.
With SPF at the core of our vision, we identified a clear gap in the market for featherlight formulas that offered multi-faceted protection; not just sun care, but also protection from everyday aggressors such as blue light and pollution.  We began laying down the foundations of our dream SPF-meets-skincare brand and 18 months later Hello Sunday arrived. 

Our Vision

Our line of protective beauty products aim to showcase the skin you’re in and protect it from the daily aggressors of everyday life. These innovative formulas protect you beyond just UV rays, they also shield you from aggressors such as pollution, infrared and blue light.

Protective beauty is an everyday affair and we wanted to bring you products that work for all skin types, all skin concerns and throughout all seasons. A far cry from the traditional SPF just for your summer holiday… (we know the sun is there all year round!)

We also believe protection that looks as good as it feels should be accessible for all, which is why we designed a line-up that doesn’t just look great, but is affordable too.

Our formulas

From serums to sticks, sensitive to oily, acne to dark spots Hello Sunday has made protecting your skin easier than ever. And we want to look good whilst doing it!

Protecting your skin is a right, not a privilege.

Oxybenzone and Octinoxate free. Sea friendly. Sustainable.
Cruelty free with a 100% vegan formula.

Every day is a sunday

Protective beauty is an everyday affair and we bring you products that work throughout each season to match your skin’s needs and concerns.

What do you want to know?

  • Why should you wear SPF every day?

    Most of us know to pack sunscreen when going on holiday to avoid sunburn in hotter climates, however SPF should be worn all year round to protect the skin against exposure and harmful damage from two types of UV light:

    • UVA (long-wave) causes aging, sagging and premature wrinkles

    • UVB (shortwave) causes sunburn, skin damage and pigmentation

    Tip: An easy way to remember the effects of UV light is UVA causes Aging and UVB causes Burning.

  • What is your UVA/UVB rating?

    Our UVA is measured according to the European Regulation: COLIPA (European Cosmetics Trade Association). Our sunscreen has a well-balanced UVA/UVB protection factor of at least a 1/3. On our packaging we have UVA inside a circle which is the official symbol of well-balanced UVA/UVB protection.

  • Where is your sunscreen regulated?

    Our products are produced in Spain and therefore are regulated under the European Union. If you look on our products you will see that UVA is circled. This means that the sunscreens UVA protection is at least a third of the SPF rating, which is the required standard.

  • I've got so many more questions...

    That's great, you'll find lot's of answers to questions in our FAQ section, or if it's skincare education you are after check out our Blog, or you can contact us here.

What the experts are saying...

‘My most-used sunscreen this year is undoubtedly Hello Sunday’s The One That’s A Serum Day Drops’

Sali Hughes

'Shea butter and hyaluronic acid offer what we noticed as deeply conditioning and plumping. Serving up broad-spectrum, high sun protection and general skincare effects, as well as that all-important SPF50 box being ticked.’

The Independent

'Hello Sunday is a brilliant new SPF brand with solutions for all skin types and desires. This serum is super lightweight on the skin, but also provides top notch protection with an SPF of 45.’