Hello Recycling: How to Recycle your Hello Sunday Empties

Hello Recycling: How to Recycle your Hello Sunday Empties

Here at Hello Sunday, we’re not fans of ‘goodbyes’, we’re more of a ‘see you later’ type of bunch which is why we wanted to make sure that all of our products were recyclable. You know, so you could see them again in another life. Although we’re not 100% there yet, we’re pretty close and we will get there soon! In fact, at the moment we’re sitting pretty at 93.3% but by the end of next year we should be sitting even prettier at 100%!

Recycling starts pretty much the second we arrive at your door. The box we arrive in can go in your cardboard recycling, obviously after it has made an appearance on your instagram (don’t forget to tag us! #hellosundayspf). Or, if you want to get creative with the box feel free to break it up and make use of the sunset cardboard. Even re-use it to send off another package!

recycling at hello sunday

 Don’t forget to dispose of the packing chips in an orderly fashion either! If you run them under water they dissolve right in front of your eyes. 

Once you’ve dealt with our arrival we tend to stick around until you empty us out at which point it’s time to give us a quick rinse. Nothing too crazy, but you do need to make sure you’ve gotten rid of as much product as you can before you put us in the recycling bin.

Then we can say our ‘see you laters’ at the plastic recycling bin. Well, for most of our products that’s where you drop us off but it’s also important to note that not all of our products can be disposed of in the same way.

For the one that’s a serum you have to remove the dropper and dispose of the bottle in the glass recycling bin. 

It’s quite easy really! 

Key Take Outs:

To go in your sink:

  • Packing chips

To go in the cardboard recycling:

  • Shipping box
  • Product box

To go in the plastic recycling (already rinsed):

  • The one that’s got it all
  • The everyday one
  • The takeout one
  • The one for your lips
  • The one for your hands
  • The essential one

To go in the glass recycling (without the dropper):

  • The one that’s a serum
recycling your hello sunday products