Pollution Proof Your Face: Anti Pollution Product 101

Pollution Proof Your Face: Anti Pollution Product 101

You may know us as sunscreen but it’s time to switch that up and start thinking of us as skin protection. When it comes to keeping your skin shielded, there’s a lot more to think about than just the sun. Don’t get us wrong, the sun is responsible for a lot of things, wrinkles, dark spots and the 5pm Golden Hour selfies but there are also other daily aggressors that can affect your skin such as pollution.

Whether you’re in the big city or living your rural dream, you still need to be providing your skin with environmental protection. Pollution particles are so tiny that they can travel through the atmosphere and reach you just about anywhere so make sure you’ve got your skin covered!


How does pollution affect my skin?

When it comes to your skin, what is actually doing the damage are the free radicals (aka unstable molecules that are out to damage skin cells). These molecules are one electron down, so they spend their time looking for an electron to steal from a stable molecule to balance themselves out again. If these free radicals steal enough electrons from your skin, the ageing process speeds right up.

Where do the free radicals come from?

Free radicals are found all over:

  • Pollution
  • Smog
  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Exhaust gases

How can I prevent them from affecting my skin?

Well, we were wondering when you were going to ask… Antioxidants! And boy oh boy, have we got some antioxidants for you! Antioxidants work by volunteering an electron so that the free radicals don’t turn to your skin for one instead. Our face products are packed with antioxidants that help fight off these free radicals and pollution proof your face (PPYF):



Key Takeouts:

  • Pollution speeds up the ageing process of your skin as free radicals steal your skin’s molecules to balance themselves out
  • Counteract free radicals with antioxidant filled products such as our primer, serum and face moisturisers
  • It’s important to keep your skin protected with products that are specifically targeted for anti pollution