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  • What does SPF mean?

    SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The number associated with your SPF i.e., SPF 30 indicates how long the sun’s UVB rays would take to cause redness (burning) to your skin vs. the amount of time without wearing sunscreen. For example, if you apply an SPF 30 exactly as directed it would take you 30 times longer to burn vs. wearing no sunscreen.

  • Why should you wear SPF every day?

    Most of us know to pack sunscreen when going on holiday to avoid sunburn in hotter climates, however SPF should be worn all year round to protect the skin against exposure and harmful damage from two types of UV light:

    • UVA (long-wave) causes aging, sagging and premature wrinkles

    • UVB (shortwave) causes sunburn, skin damage and pigmentation

    Tip: An easy way to remember the effects of UV light is UVA causes Aging and UVB causes Burning.

  • Who should use SPF?

    Everyone! Skin is damaged by sun exposure over your lifetime, even if you don’t burn so it’s important to stay protected.

  • When should I apply SPF?

    Everyday! It is recommended to apply 30 minutes before sun exposure and then reapply every two hours during sun exposure.

  • What is broad spectrum protection?

    Broad spectrum protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. You can shop the Hello Sunday range in confidence knowing all our products contain broad spectrum protection.

  • What is blue light?

    Blue light is a type of visible light, also known as HEV (high-energy visible) light. It is emitted from digital devices such as phone, laptops and TV’s, even light bulbs too! It is known to cause premature aging and hyperpigmentation.

    We have added Carnosine to some of our formulas which is a dipeptide composed of two amino acids, naturally found in the human body. It plays an essential role in protecting the skin against HEV light.

  • What does anti-pollution mean?

    Our anti-pollution formulas protect your skin against free radicals caused by air pollution (dust particles, industrial gasses, smoke, smog) which can cause irregular skin pigmentation and premature wrinkles.

  • What is infrared?

    Infrared radiation (IRA) emitted from sunlight travels deep into the skin which causes collagen to breakdown, fine lines and causes pigmentation changes such as melasma or age spots. Antioxidants such as Vitamin C help counteract this and help keep skin young and smooth.

  • Do you have fragance free formulas?

    Yes, we know fragranced products can cause negative skin reactions. For some, they can cause sensitivity, irritation and at times lead to redness, flare ups and breakouts. We are pleased to offer a wide range of fragrance-free formulas suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

  • Are your formulas water resistant?

    Yes, our body lotions and primer are water-resistant. The formulas have been designed to stay on your skin after exposure to water, however water-resistant does not mean ‘waterproof’ therefore it is important to reapply and keep your skin protected. Our water-resistant formulas have a rating of 40, indicating how long the sunscreen remains effective while you are exposed to water. For example, after 40minutes of swimming you should reapply sunscreen.

  • Where is your sunscreen regulated?

    Our products are produced in Spain and therefore are regulated under the European Union. If you look on our products you will see that UVA is circled. This means that the sunscreens UVA protection is at least a third of the SPF rating, which is the required standard.

  • What is your UVA/UVB rating?

    Our UVA is measured according to the European Regulation: COLIPA (European Cosmetics Trade Association). Our sunscreen has a well-balanced UVA/UVB protection factor of at least a 1/3. On our packaging we have UVA inside a circle which is the official symbol of well-balanced UVA/UVB protection.

  • Where are your products made?

    All of our products are developed and manufactured in Spain.

  • Do they have an expiry date?

    All products should be used within 12 months once opened.

  • Are they cruelty free?

    We follow the European regulation where it is completely forbidden to test on animals.

    The European Commission established timetables of deadlines up to 11 March 2009 for prohibiting the marketing of cosmetic products, the final formulation, ingredients or combinations of ingredients which have been tested on animals, and for prohibiting each test currently carried out using animals.
    In the UK and across the rest of the EU, testing cosmetic products or their ingredients on animals is banned. This means that it is illegal to sell or market a cosmetic product if animal testing has taken place on the finished cosmetic or its ingredients before being sold in the EU.

  • Are they vegan?

    Yes, we only use vegan ingredients in our formulas.

  • Is the packaging recyclable?

    Yes, our product packaging is recyclable.

    Plus, as part of our planet friendly promise, all orders are packed in recyclable packaging with dissolvable loose fill chips.

  • How can I recycle the products?

    Tubes or bottles can be disposed in plastic recycling bin for all the products except for the serum, that needs the plastic cap to be removed and dispose the bottle in glass recycling bin. Cartons can be disposed in card/paper recycling bin.

  • Are your products safe for sensitive skin?

    Our products have been developed to suit all skin types, including sensitive skin. You can check the full list of ingredients for each product on our website. If you have any specific queries please do not hesitate to contact us:

  • Where can I find the ingredients list?

    You can find the ingredient list on each product page, selecting "ingredients".

  • Is the formula dermatologically tested?

    Our products are hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, with paraben free formulas.

  • Are your products safe to use while pregnant?

    Most of our products don't contain any harmful ingredient that can be perjudicial while pregnant, but we recomend to check anyway with your doctor.

    The dark spot serum contains powerful actives such as retinol, glycolic..., so we recommend to ask to the doctor in case of being pregnant or breastfeeding.
    The matte one contains Cannabidiol, one of the ingredients that is part of CBD, so we recommend to ask to the doctor in case of being pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Do your products contain alcohol in their formulas?

    Our Invisible Shield Stick contains 1% alcohol.

  • Are your products sea friendly?

    Respectful to sea life, our products are free from Homosalate, Octinoxate, Benzophenone and Oxybenzone.

  • How does Hello Sunday help the planet?

    Not only do we care about skin protection but also protecting the planet. Our manufacturers and suppliers strive to cause minimum environmental impact and follow a sustainability strategy, working to reduce the impact associated with water and energy consumption, the use of plastics and emissions and zero discharges. Hello Sunday’s manufacturing facility generates energy through its own solar panels and from suppliers with renewable energy certificates.

    As part of our planet friendly promise, the Hello Sunday team, along with our partners will continuously challenge ourselves to find new ways to improve and protect the environment.

    Find out more here.

  • Where I can find Hello Sunday products?

    Please visit our Where to buy section.

  • How can i edit/cancel my order?

    Once an order has been placed we are unable to make any amends. Please contact customer service and we will be able to advise you further.

  • What happens if my item arrives damaged?

    We take great care in ensuring your order will arrive safely, however if something isn't right please contact us as soon as possible stating your order number and issue.

  • What types of payment do you accept?

    We accept card payments from all major credit cards. We also accept Apple Pay & Google Pay.

  • Is my credit or debit card payment secure?

    Our website is under Shopify Payments with 3D secure, which is an additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions to make sure your personal data is protected, following PSD2 directive.

  • How does the payment appear on my statement?

    Your bank account or credit card will say "SP Hello Sunday SPF Tavistock Devo"

  • I received the wrong product or something was missing, what do I do?

    Oops, please contact us as soon as possible advising us of the issue and we will work to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

  • How can I use a promo code?

    The promotional code must be entered exactly as you received it, without spaces. You must enter it in the 'Promotional code' field when making the payment of your order.

  • How can I use a promo code while using Apple Pay or Shop Pay?

    If Shop Pay or Apple pay are the payment methods selected, it is necessary to go to the end of the checkout to include the discount code and then select this payment method afterwards. Otherwise, there is no step in between to include the code.

  • How can I use the 15% off promo code?

    When signing up to Hello Sunday newsletter you will receive an email with a promo code inside. It must be entered exactly as you received it, without spaces. You must enter it in the 'Promotional code' field when making the payment of your order. No minimum spend is required.

  • Where do you ship to?

    We ship to UK and Worldwide *excluding Europe.

    Please see our retailers for shipping to Europe

  • How much is shipping?

    UK shipping costs £3.95 for orders under £30. For orders over £30, we have free shipping.

    We have a next day service which costs £5.95.

    US standard shipping rate is £11.95 or Free Shipping for orders over £60.

    AUSTRALIA standard shipping rate of £11.95 or Free Shipping for orders over £55.

    Worldwide shipping costs are £11.95.

  • How long do orders take to arrive?

    UK shipping takes 1-3 working days. Worldwide shipping takes 7-10 days

  • Do you have next day delivery?

    Yes. You just need to select "next day delivery" option on the check out. This costs £5.95 and will be sent with DPD.

  • What is your Return Policy?

    We're sorry that you didn't love your Hello Sunday products. If you want to return something, please reach out to us at All returns must be placed within 30 days of receiving the order. For more information, please check General Terms & Conditions.

  • What is your refund policy?

    We are only able to process refunds for any incorrect or missing items in relation to your order. Please contact us within 48 hours from receiving your order referencing your order number and issue.