It’s All About the Layers: How to Layer Your SPF Products

It’s All About the Layers: How to Layer Your SPF Products

Layering your SPF can sometimes sound like a bit of an equation: SPF50 + SPF30 = SPF80? Do you need multiple sunscreen products at once? Is one enough? Can I layer chemical and mineral products? All in all, we have a lot of ground to cover…

First off, can you even layer sunscreen? 

YES! You most definitely can and you most definitely should. The more SPF products you have on your face the more protection you’ll have, so more is more in this situation. However, the SPF factor numbers do not add up. SPF50 + SPF30 does not add up to SPF80. Instead, the limit of UV rays is based on the highest number of the SPF that you’re using. So if the highest SPF number is 30, that’s the most protection you’ll get. But slathering it on can have its benefits because you can never have too much sunscreen but you can most definitely not have enough. Better safe than sorry! 

It’s no secret that no one has been using the amount of sunscreen that they should be, but times are changing and we’re becoming more and more aware of the importance of sunscreen. Gone are the days of counting your SPF10 foundation as your sunscreen of the day.

If you’re only using SPF infused products (like a moisturiser with some SPF in it or Foundation with an SPF in it) remember that you will have to apply A LOT of product for you to reach that level of protection. So the best way to guarantee that you will hit your SPF quota is to layer up.

How can you layer sunscreen? 

Just like that golden fashion rule “layering is key” and it’s actually quite easy, it all comes down to the texture of the products. You want to start with the lightest formula and end with the heaviest. 

For example, after you’ve done your skincare routine, you want to finish that part off with a sunscreen. You may want to start with the everyday one which is super lightweight. Then follow that up with the primer as the consistency is slightly more dense. Lastly, you’ll want to mix in some of the one that’s a serum into your foundation as that combo will be the thickest.  

Up your SPF wardrobe game

To make sure you get the absolute most out of your sunscreen, you must ensure that you are wearing it every single day, rain or shine, apply it as the last step of your skincare routine, top up every two hours and be overly generous with the application. One way to make sure you are getting the right amount of sunscreen is to get yourself an SPF wardrobe wherein each product works together to make sure you are covered. You can switch up the layers based on the day, the vibe, what else you’ve got on. Switch it up!

When it comes to products that mention SPF on them such as moisturisers or foundations, it is important to note that to get the amount of protection they are stating, you would have to apply a lot of the product. So although it is great that these will provide a bit of extra protection, these products tend to work best in conjunction with actual sun care products. And if you can always add in two fingers worth of the one that’s a serum to your foundation or moisturiser for added protection as well as add another layer to your SPF OOTD. It’s important to bear in mind that when you mix your SPF into other products you will be diluting the protection. So whilst this will give added protection, it’s important to still layer with other SPF products.


  • You can and should layer up sunscreens
  • It’s all about texture: start with the lightest formula and end with the heaviest
  • SPF number do not add up, the highest SPF number you have layered in is the highest protection factor you will receive