Hello UV Index: A guide to the UV Index

Hello UV Index: A guide to the UV Index

SPF is an everyday affair, we all know that. But, there are some days where ‘one and done’ won’t be enough, and a little (lotta) extra SPF will be your best friend. How to know when those days are here? Cue the UV Index. 

The UV Index is a tool that is used to determine how much ultraviolet (UV) radiation is around. Learn more about UV rays here.

UV Index Breakdown:

The UV index changes throughout the day, with the middle of the day usually being the highest but the UV rays are always present, all year round. *Don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it* EVERY DAY IS A SUN DAY! So slather on the SPF every single day.

How to find out the UV index where you are

There are a million ways to find this out but long story short: For Apple users you will find it in the Weather app that is preinstalled on your iPhone. For Android users it’s a little more tricky, there is a weather app built into Google Search, once you open the app and search “weather” you will be able to drop the search down to find the UV index for where you are.

There are also multiple UV index apps that you can download onto your phone that can remind you when to reapply, inform you of the UV index changes, keeping you and your skin sun safe.