If everyday was Sunday: an SPF for every occasion

If everyday was Sunday: an SPF for every occasion

We have gathered you here today to celebrate the fact that everyday, is indeed, a Sunday. Well, Sun. Day. The sun, that big shiny thing in the sky, always there. Even when you think it’s not. You probably already know this but PSA to all SPF newbies: sunscreen isn’t just a beach day necessity!!! There’s no time of day, any day of the year that has a valid reason for not wearing SPF and honestly, putting it on everyday,  not as tedious as you may be thinking it will be. 


You may be looking at the range of Hello Sunday products thinking ‘that is a LOT of spf’, but hey we just want everyone to be catered to and we want it to be super easy to integrate SPF into your life so we’ve got EVERY situation covered. 


Building SPF into your Daily Routine


Like to start off your day with a little workout? Reach for the one that’s got it all. We’re talking broad spectrum, high protection, SPF50, sweat resistant and water resistant. Then, swipe the takeout one over the rest of you that is out for the sun to see and you’ll be good to go. No more unprotected workouts here ladies and gents!


After a quick shower it’s time to get ready to go into the office. Once you’ve got to the end of your skincare routine, go for 5 pumps of the everyday one SPF30 or SPF50, If you already have your own holy grail moisturiser that doesn't have SPF and no amount of chatter from us will convince you otherwise, use two fingers worth of the one that’s a serum as the last step instead before your makeup. For some finishing touches, top your lipstick with the one for your lips, throw on some of the one for your hands and you should be golden! You’ve got your morning routine nailed!


Sound too much? No worries! Here’s another version for the same event: Once you’ve done your skincare, put on two fingers worth of the one that’s got it all to prep and prime your face and then keep going with your makeup up. Finish off with the one for your lips and  the one for your hands and voilà!


Let’s face it, few of us get to actually live the office life and instead spend the days at home on Zoom. Even if that’s the case, it’s not a reason to skimp on your sunscreen. It’s just as important to have your SPF on, we should probably specify *our* SPF! Go for the one that’s a serum, the one that’s got it all or the everyday one to protect your face from the blue light that will be coming off your screen and affecting your skin. If you’re going for a no makeup day, we love the one that’s a serum, because it’s light and leaves the most dewy finish. If you’re wearing makeup, we prefer  the one that’s got it all because it’s the best base for your foundation and you can quote us on that!


Sunday Funday: Out and About


Now that we’ve covered SPF during the week, it’s time to talk weekends! Let’s say you’ve been out and about on a Sunday, you’ve just sat down for an iced coffee with a pump of vanilla. You’ve already got the essential one body lotion on (you put it on this morning because you had your favourite strappy sundress on and needed that extra protection) and done your 5 pumps of the everyday one SPF30 but now, it’s time to top up. Pull out the takeout one and swipe it all over (arms, décolleté, shoulders, legs, you name it, you swipe it). Because it is invisible, don’t expect any white goop on your clothes, hair or you for that matter! No white cast here! Top up the one for your lips, the one for your hands and here’s a hot tip… We all know how annoying it is to apply sunscreen over makeup, well using your favourite makeup sponge and either the one that’s a serum or the everyday one, put some on the back of your hand and using the makeup sponge dab some SPF onto your face. Yeah, it’s that simple! 


If you’re hanging outside in the park or your back garden with your gals, you might want to use the one that’s a serum as the final step of your skincare routine before your makeup and it will give you the glowiest of glows, perfect if you like that dewy skin finish. If you’re wanting to go the extra mile (which is always a good shout, unless it’s after a night out and you’re in 6 inch heels), on the back of your hand, pump some of your foundation and mix in two fingers worth of the one that’s a serum for that added protection. Do note that mixing any of your sunscreen products will dilute the level of SPF that is on the bottle which is why layering up in SPF is key to make sure you hit the right amount!  Then obviously have the takeout one on you for touch ups whilst you’re out. 


Evening Protection


Going to the movies or got a big date in the city? You may be thinking “oh, I don’t need SPF”, but we’re here to tell you that you always need SPF especially when it protects you from more than just the sun. Our fave is  the one that’s got it all, it has blue light and anti-pollution protection, both are things that affect our skin in more ways than one. Also, the one that’s got it all is sweat resistant, so no need to worry about any nervous date sweats ruining your makeup! We do recommend doubling up on the one for your lips though, trust us, they’ll be asking how your lips are as soft as they are! Hear us out on this one, we’re also not opposed to the takeout one on your arms and décolletage for a little extra glow. 


Above the Clouds but Still Under the Sun


If you’re lucky enough to be travelling, you may not have thought about your SPF sitch on the plane. We know, it sounds weird at first but think about it, you’re even closer to the sun! We recommend the one that’s a serum because it is SO hydrating and will have you looking incredible when those seatbelts signs switch off at the end of your flight. And keep your lips hydrated with the lip balm and your hands taken care of with the hand cream!


All in all, it’s clear to see every day calls for some sunscreen, and we’ve got a product for every situation so make sure you’ve got us all over you! Also, in case you need it, here’s your reminder to top up your sunscreen!