the take out one: your new best going out friend

the take out one: your new best going out friend

You know that one friend that you can always call if you want a wild night out and a guaranteed good time? Well, meet her sun stick version: the take out one! Portable, invisible and moisturising, the take out one is the SPF product you’ve been missing.


What is the take out one?


    The take out one is a multi-purpose sunscreen stick, making it perfect for on the go sun protection. It’s SPF 30, protecting you from UVA and UVB rays whilst also giving you a glowy finish because it is packed with hyaluronic acid and a ton of skin nourishing oils like jojoba oil (hello hydration!). 

    We’re also conscious that when you’re out and about you can’t predict the weather or getting a little too hot for your own good, so the take out one is also water and sweat resistant! 

    Why would you use the take out one?


    Well, the obvious answer is why wouldn’t you - but we’re here to talk business so let us tell you why!

    Traditional sunscreens are mostly liquid and require a bit more rubbing in aka not that ideal for using when you’re sitting with your gal pals over drinks or when you’ve got 10 seconds between meetings, this stick formula means all you have to do is twist and swipe on the areas that need a little touch up. How easy is that?! No rub in time, no greasy hands after, no white cast, it’s pretty perfect… Did we mention the glow? 


    How do you use it?

    Like we said before it’s as easy as twisting up the product and swiping it wherever you need it. You’ll want to re-apply every two hours to make sure you are staying protected throughout the day! 

    It goes without saying, you can use this as a top up to any of our other Hello Sunday products such as the essential one body lotion and the everyday one face moisturiser.

    Although, the take out one doesn’t just have to be for on the go, you can also use the stick when you start off your day all over your body or face. We would recommend doing this 30 minutes before any sun exposure and then every two hours after that!