SPF - The Ultimate Love Story

SPF - The Ultimate Love Story

Settle down besties, grab your weighted blanket and read about the greatest love story ever told.

No, we’re not talking romantic goals like Zendaya and Tom Holland (although IMO, it’s pretty close…) We’re talking about the relationship you have with your skin – a relationship that begins long before you are born and takes care of you until the very end, having a great relationship with your skin really is long term goals.

Like any long term relationship, having healthy skin takes work…. Everything from how and how often you clean your skin, down to understand food intolerances and how much water you drink call all affect your glow.  Read our blog here on understanding your skin type and skincare routine. 

Your skin is complex, unique and totally worth of your love, admiration and respect. It’s the biggest organ in your body, has over 19 MILLION cells, and over 1000 nerve ending, meaning its responsible for every single tingle and touch you feel, it keeps you warm in the cold, it keeps you cool in the heat…it’s uniquely you. 

However, there’s another player in the game. Like any dodgy relationship, at first you feel warm, happy, optimistic. You bask in their glow, it feels like something so good can’t be bad, right? But…what you can’t see could be hurting you. No, we’re not talking about that toxic tinder match. We’re talking about the Sun. Present every single day, UV rays are always there, lurking, always trying to come between you and a great relationship with your skin.

But, fear not. Hello…We’re here to help!

One of THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS you can do for your skin (like, ever) is to protect it from UV rays. We’re talking hats, covering up, staying in the shade. We’re talking high factor, broad spectrum SPF. We’ve written blog posts before about suncare 101s (read them here)…we can write about it until the end of time, but we can’t stress this enough, and in the words of Baz Luhrmann “if I could offer you one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it”.

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The long-term benefits of SPF are well documented with even the simplest google search, as is the risk associated with frequent exposure to the sun. Widely acknowledged as one of the best anti-aging ingredients, SPF protects your skin from both types of UV rays (UVA = Aging, UVB = Burning)….and not only does Hello Sunday protect you from harmful UV rays, our range of award winning skincare formulations also protect you from life’s everyday aggressors like infrared (warm light), blue light (from screen time) and pollution (from…well…everything).

NOT just do we protect you from all of these environmental and solar aggressors, hello Sunday SPF skincare also include skincare essential ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin c which help keep your skin hydrated and healthy, and all of our formulations are super light, meaning they are perfect to wear every single day. Because every day is a SUN day.